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A Prickly Sheet Mask! | Balea Cactus Sheet Mask Review

Cactus extract in your sheet mask? Wouldn’t that get a bit prickly?! There’s a reason that cute cactus on your desk can survive without much attentio. The fleshy leaves from the cactus are able to retain water, sustaining the plant in even the driest climates. That resilience makes succulent derived ingredients ideal for skin care. Cactus extract contains high levels of antioxidants that calm inflammation, while its oils hydrate. Turns out, cactus extract is the newest trend for thirsty skin! I’m going to test the benefits of cactus extract for the skin by trying this very cute cactus sheet mask from the brand Balea!

About The Balea Cactus Sheet Mask

The Balea mask cactus is the ideal addition to your skincare routine. Like I said earlier, the cactus is considered to be a phenomenal thirst quencher. The combination of cactus extract and hyaluronic acid in this Cactus sheet mask gives your skin an extra portion of moisture. It’s extremely beneficial for your skin to use masks like this next to your other skincare products for a moisture boost!

Phenomenal Thirst Quencher Mask!

For just €0,95, this has to be the best moisturizing mask out there! It’s a super simple and easy to use mask, but it does so much for my skin! The mask smells superb and does its job. It really is a phenomenal thirst quencher for the skin! The Cactus sheet mask was also suprisingly relaxing and very refeshing. I defenitly recommend putting the mask in the fridge before which gives an extra freshness kick. The pleasant feeling of the skin after use was very positive as well. I would certainly buy this Cactus sheet mask again! I can just buy the whole supply at the store, because this is magical for my skin!

You can purchase the Balea Cactus Sheet Mask from the site for a price of €0,95!

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