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7 Days Illuminate Me Rose Girl Shimmering Body Milk | Review

I love everything glittery! This dazzling Shimmering Body Milk is exactly what I needed! At first thought I didn’t think I would like this as much as I do now, but it’s a splendid body milk!

Glitter For Your Body

This body milk isn’t only full of majestic glitters, but also of peach oil, collagen, elastin and panthenol to moisturize and care for your skin and give it an elasticity boost! The body milk has the scent of romance: first love combined with the notes of fresh rose petals! The product comes in a delightful pink tube packaging with some illuminating iridescent pictograms and drawings on it. It’s the cutest!

No Annoying Glitter Flakes

The thing I love most about this shimmering body milk is the shimmer effect it has. I know from earlier experiences that some of these glitter body lotions have chunks or flakes of glitter on them which you will later find everywhere on your clothes and bed sheets. In contrast to those cheap body lotions, this body milk has a shimmer effect without leaving loose glitter flakes all over.

When the sunlight falls on your body the microparticles of glitter in the body milk will transform into a pearl like champagne colored veil, covering your skin with crystal like micro-glitters. With this body milk you will not be bothered by large glitter that can irritate or damage your skin, and it will only feel nourishing! It feels so luxurious for the affordable price, making the product almost seem too good to be true!

You can purchase the 7 Days Illuminate Me Rose Girl Shimmering Body Milk from the site (if your from the Netherlands) for a price of €7,99 (150ml).

*This post contains a gifted item

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