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7 DAYS is a beauty line for teenagers. It’s internationally well known and is now expanding to the Netherlands (that’s where I’m from in case you didn’t know). Their line of products exists of items such as masks, body and hair products all without parabens & synthetic pigments. They asked if I, as a Dutch blogger, would like to try some of their products and.. hell yeah I would! They sent me a couple to try and I’m very excited to see what they’re like!

A Bit About The Brand

Besides the facts that I already told you about the brand I can also tell you this brand is created from emotions, self-expression, rarity and beauty with a clearly expressed desire to spoil yourself and take care of yourself. The packaging is totally aimed at teenagers as for the bright colors and fun designs! 7 Days creates beauty must-haves a spoiled teenager can’t go without these days. The name must have something to do with the fact that they have a collection of 7 face mask, one for each day.

Some Of Their Popular Products

Illuminate Me Rose Girl Shimmering Body Milk

7 Days sent me five of their products! Let’s start off with the biggest one I received, which is the Rose Girl Shimmering Body Milk in 01 Champagne. This product is a part of the 7 Days Illuminate Me collection and it’s all about that GLOW! It’s a soft hydrating body milk with with thousands of micro-particles that give the skin a radiant crystal shine! The body milk is enriched with peach oil and panthenol to moisturize and soothe the skin.

The body milk smells amazing and the texture is superb! I was expecting a lot more of glitter at first glance. However, as promised when the sunlight falls on your skin from the right angle, you can see a very noticeable shimmer effect! It’s breathtaking!

Active Thursday Face Mask

The package I received contained two of the famous 7 Days masks. Starting off with the Active Thursday Face Mask. This mask is meant to help you treat yourself to some self loving after an active day full of sports. The Thursday mask has a nourishing,soothing and moisturizing effect and is curated with Peony and Blueberry Extracts.

Toner + Lotion + Essence

Next up is a product that I’ve never seen before, it’s a Toner + Lotion + Essence. I’m not exactly sure how to use this product, but on the packaging it says that it cleanses, moisturizes and tones and is curated with Iris and Jasmine. I will come back on this product with a extensive review as soon as I’ve tried it, because this is too interesting not to devote a seperate review to.

Perfect Sunday Face Mask

The second mask I got is the Perfect Sunday Face Mask, which should be great for total relaxation! The Sunday mask contains ingredients like blue agave and lotus extracts. This mask smooths texture, moisturizes, nourishes and improves the elasticity in your skin! Sounds good and relaxing to me!

Happy Hands Perfumed Hand Cream

Finally we have the Happy Hands Perfumed Hand Cream! When I saw it was scented like Honey Peach I couldn’t wait to try it! Peach is one of the scents I adore and I only like hand creams with a nice scent, since I don’t want my hands to smell weird all day. On the packaging is says it has a water drop formula, so I expect the hand cream to be very lightweight and quick drying.

7 Days is a completely new brand to me. They are now expanding to more countries (such as the Netherlands), so keep an eye out to see when they’re coming to yours. I will write separate reviews on the two face mask and toner + lotion + essence product as soon as I’ve tried those, so stick around for those articles!

*With warm thanks to 7 Days for providing me with these products! No strings attached, and opinions are my own.

Thank you for reading!
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