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My Christmas Wishlist 2020

As the holidays get closer, my family as well as friends keep asking me what I want for Christmas. Just like every person having to buy Christmas gifts, they struggle to find something that they think I would like. On the other hand, I struggle to find cute gifts for them. To help them out a little, I wanted to share my Christmas wishlist 2020 on the blog! Just see this list as an inspirational list of gift ideas for any teenage girl if you’re not being me a Christmas gift! 😉

Disposable Camera

My Christmas Wishlist 2020

I have a professional Canon camera that costs me a bunch of money, but somehow I want a disposable camera. They just seem so fun to use and I’ve been watching Tiktoks of people taking the most amazing pictures with disposable cameras. Above all, disposable cameras are apparently not that expensive at all. The cheapest one I found so far was €7 and for purchase at a drugstore!

Lush Christmas Products And Gifts

My Christmas Wishlist 2020

It’s not one of my wishlists if it doesn’t include any Lush products. You could gift me anything from Lush and I would be grateful! I’m especially mesmerized by the Lush Christmas range each year! The scents, the glitters, the happy colors, it’s everything I need for the holidays! P.s. I’m still not over the fact that I collaborated with Lush and they invited me to a PR event at the beginning of the year before covid. It was a dream come true!


My Christmas Wishlist 2020

Ever since I did my Room Makeover, I’ve been wanting a cute and soft plaid for on my bed. It’s getting colder outside and winter can be depressing sometimes, which is why I’m trying to make my room more cozier. I want to decorate more with cute plants, scented candles and I would really love one of those chunky knit plaids to snuggle up with in bed.

Record Player + LP’s

I’d probably never buy a record player, since I have no idea where in my room I’d have space to put it. However, I’ve been crushing on those breathtaking Crosley record players since I can remember. Not only are record players a cool way to listen to music, it’s also a great decorative item! Of course, you can’t use a record player without LP’s. I don’t own any LP’s, so I might as well also add them to my Christmas wishlist.

Scented Candles

My Christmas Wishlist 2020

Getting back to the fact that I was trying to create a cozy atmosphere in my room, I need some scented candles to make it happen. I have an unexplainable love for scented candles and especially for the ones that smell like pumpkin spice or baked goods! They get me so cozy during winter and smell amazing! I don’t have many scented candles left and it’s about time to start restocking!

Hair Care

My Christmas Wishlist 2020

I really need to take better care of my hair and that starts with hair care. I’ve never really been big on hair care, but lately I have become more interested in it and want to have a full hair care routine. I normally cut my hair short at shoulder length, but now that I’m letting it grow longer, it’s about time to take good care of it. However, I’m no expert when it comes to hair care. I don’t know what my hair specifically needs, so I’d appreciate any hair care product at this point!

I hoped you liked scrolling through my My Christmas Wishlist 2020! It’s not the longest and most inspiring wishlist out there, but it’s always fun sharing my wishlists! And who knows, maybe I even gave some of you a great gift idea. Have fun holiday shopping and happy Holidays!!

xo. Gwen

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