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Testing Fair Trade, Organic and Vegan Shampoo Bars From Koseli

I’m a keen Lush customer. One of my favorite products that I first discovered from Lush is the Shampoo Bar! A while ago, the brand Koseli saw my post on one of the Lush shampoo bars and sent me two of their shampoo bars for me to try. I love brands like this that use natural ingredients and are conscious about the environment, so I couldn’t turn the offer down. I just finished up the last Lush shampoo bar I had at home, so I can get to testing these Koseli shampoo bars now! I will only be reviewing one of the shampoo bars in the review on quality and such, because it’s just a waste to start using them both at the same time and I also don’t think my hair would appreciate me for that. Let’s get to it!

About Koseli

Koseli, is a body, hair and skin product range that have been created using the unique blend of Nepalese farming knowledge and traditions combined with organic and sustainable farming techniques. They’ve just started to make shampoo bars, which contain lots of amazing plant-based ingredients! The bars are currently handpressed and the ingredients can change depending in their availability locally (it means slight variations such as colour, scent and shape can occur). All shampoo bars are cruelty free, fair trade, organically-grown, vegan, sustainable and include no SLS. The bars are packed in biodegradable wrapping meaning you can simply put the packaging in the compost bin.

Rosemary Shampoo Bar

The Rosemary shampoo bar from Koseli is focused on dry hair. Besides Rosemary, it also contains Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil and Vitamin E. I expect this bar to be super nourishing and hydrating for my hair looking at the ingredient list. The bar doesn’t smell overwhelmingly like Rosemary, but has a very subtle scent, which I do really like. Can’t wait to try this shampoo bar!

Horsetail & Peppermint Shampoo Bar

The Horsetail & Peppermint shampoo bar targets normal to oily hair. This bar is packed with dried wildcrafted Horsetail and a bunch of peppermint. It’s also formulated with Vitamin E, Rice Bran Oil and Coconut Oil to name a few. Unlike the Rosemary bar, this one smells very strongly like peppermint. The overwhelming scent doesn’t bother me, because I like the smell of fresh peppermint!

Overall, I think this shampoo bar is brilliant! However, the bar does lather less than the Lush shampoo bars, so it takes a bit more of product to wash your hair. I do find this one more refreshing for my hair and scalp and it is very different from Lush’s. I love that you can tell by the scent, looks and feels of this product that these bars are completely freshly made by natural herbs! I really like this one so far and I can’t wait to try even more new products Koseli will be bringing to the online shop very soon!

*With warm thanks to Koseli for providing me with these products! No strings attached, and opinions are my own.

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