Testing Charcoal Cleansing Cotton Pads

Testing Charcoal Cleansing Cotton Pads

If you have seen my article about the new Miniso store, you have read that there are a lot of beauty items to discover in the store. Everyone knows what cotton pads are, but at Miniso I found some very rare ones… That’s why I will be testing Charcoal Cleansing cotton pads!

Of course I had to purchase them to test them myself! I’m very curious as to what’s so different about these charcoal cotton pads. They cost me €2.00 at Miniso, so not exactly a bargain. Let’s see if it’s worth the money!

How Do These Differ From The Normal Ones?

These Charcoal Cleansing cotton pads from Miniso’s own brand are made with 97% modal silk and 3% charcoal making them different. To clarify, there is only a low concentration of actual charcoal in these cotton pads.

The cotton pads are made of modal silk for supreme skin affinity and it contains charcoal ingredients for enhanced cleansing power. The charcoal cotton pads are suitable for makeup application, removal and facial cleansing.

Testing Charcoal Cleansing Cotton Pads

Is It Something Special Or Just A Waste Of Money?

Charcoal cotton pads are nothing you will miss out on if you don’t have them in your beauty routine. Testing charcoal cleansing cotton pads was fun, but they worked just as well as normal cotton pads. The silk texture does feel extremely gentle on my skin, but the charcoal has no added value.

These cotton pads are really thin so I actually have to use more of them to remove my makeup, which is just a waste of product. My final verdict is that I honestly wouldn’t buy these again. For a price of €2,00 it’s just unnecessary to buy these charcoal cotton pads when the normal ones work just the same.

Have you ever wasted money on a special beauty product that wasn’t worth it?

xo. Gwen

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